“Exit any unprepared land to save your time and energy”. This is the advice from the director of
engineering services directorate at the ministry of Agriculture MoFA.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of a five day training workshop for tractor operators, farm managers
and supervisors, Mr AKB Deyang holds the view that “to make the work of tractor operators much
easier, it’s the responsibility of the farmer to get the land well prepared by clearing and uprooting

The workshop which started on Monday August 6, gave all 53 participants made up of two female and
51 male taken through theory which comprised the introduction to parts of tractor and farm
machineries, maintenance and safety precautions, types of plough/harrowing and techniques.
Participants including amateurs had the opportunity on the 3 rd -5 th days to have hand-on practical with
the various farm machineries. Speaking to Fred Duhoe an Agriculture reporter, a first timer recount her
experience “we most often think operation of tractors and some of this machines is a reserve for males
and this is evident in the number of men participants, but I want to learn this and I am glad I came. It’s
been a very nice experience and I hope to put this skills acquired to good use”- Olivet Delasi Gleku a
female participant.

The Establishment of Agricultural Mechanization Training Centers (EAMTC) Project in Ghana is aimed at
training operators to enhance their knowledge on the maintenance of their tractors so as to derive the
most benefit out of the tractor’s useful life.

The two centers in Ghana was established in collaboration with the Japanese government through JiCA
after it was identified that tractors breakdown more often than expected which is due to lack of
knowledge on the part of tractor operators. “A tractor has a useful lifespan of 8-10 years when all
servicing and maintenance culture is adhered to” Mr Alhassan, the resource person revealed.
The Adidome in Volta and Wenchi in Brong Ahafo Region, Centers have since trained about 651
participants and still hope to increase the numbers to cover farmers in the near future.

The participants were awarded certificates of participation and encouraged to learn more at their own
opportune time.

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